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Women’s health symptoms: 5 Warning Signs You Must Not Ignore

Are you that woman who want to improve her health? Do you know the common women’s health symptoms? If you want to improve your health by taking necessary precautions, the following are the top five warning Signs You Must Not Ignore:

Women’s health symptoms 5 Warning Signs You Must Not Ignore (2)

1. Severe Head Pain

Having severe headaches can be a symptom of something that you can never imagine when you want to improve your health.

However, it can migraine symptoms medical conditions such as a visual aura, which is characterized by severe sudden pain in the body.

The pain can be a symptom of headache or brain aneurysm.

You should go for medical checkup since it might have positive effects on your health in the long run.

2. Sharp Pain in Your Sides

Having severe pains in your sides can be a symptoms of problems with your appendicitis.

It always occurs when stray-like piece of feces does migrates to the space where your appendix empties to the colon, thus blocking it.

This can be a problem of ovarian cyst when the fluid-filled sacs are filled. You should seek immediate medical help you rectify the condition.

3. Passing Chest Pain

Women’s health symptoms 5 Warning Signs You Must Not Ignore (1)Do you periodically get feelings like having a heartburn, or tight squeezing sensations? This can be a risk factor for heart problems.

As a woman, you must ensure you go for checking since it is a common problems for the man middle aged women.

Doctors will advise you on what you can do if you were to deal with the heart problems.

4. Abdominal Discomfort with Bloating or Gas

For the past months, you have felt gassy or have a bloated stomach for more two days.

This can a symptom of ovarian cancer.

You should ensure that you go for checkups since it might have multiple effects on your health if you fail to deal with these conditions early.

Doctors will advise you accordingly on how you can deal with the condition.

5. Leg Pain with mild SwellingWomen’s health symptoms 5 Warning Signs You Must Not Ignore (1)

You might be experiencing swellings on your calf.

If the symptoms persists, you might be having an early stage deep-vein thrombosis, or commonly known as DVT, or just a blood clot. However, you should know how it often happens.

When you visit a doctor, they will be able to do their research to help you deal with the condition at an early stage.

In conclusion, above are the top five Warning Signs You Must Not Ignore if you want to improve your health.