To become a PTA, it is required to enroll in one of the physical therapy assistant schools in most states, including California. In order to practice this career, any aspirant would need to become licensed. To become licensed it is recommended to enroll in one of the two year Associate degree educational programs and then sit for their certification examination. California has many schools and programs that could fit into anyone’s lifestyle.

The structure of a daily routine for a PTA is to work along side the physical therapist to help implement the rehabilitation and exercises for those who have become disabled as a result of surgery or injury.

Many PTA’s may have to perform the same sets of duties fairly regularly, as in assisting patients in their exercises, massages, workouts and even such treatments as paraffin baths. It is the PTA who works under the supervision of the Physical Therapist, so they must work well in combination together.

As a team, the physical therapist and their assistants work to make their patients live healthier and more mobile lives with their progress and enthusiasm. The treatments administered by both professionals can ultimately have the effect of changing people’s lives for the better.

The Job Can Be Physical
As a physical therapy assistant one is required to pass the National Physical Therapy Examination. Upon passing this examination, one would then become licensed as a physical therapy assistant, with the full authorization to begin practicing as a licensed professional.

One of the most important aspects of the clinical training would be to do an internship in a professional clinical work environment. To actually practice and handle what one has been training for, can be very rewarding to the educational process, and provides immediate feedback on the outcomes that the academics can only describe.

For someone to truly enjoy this career, one must enjoy working with and helping people. The PTA’s will be working with people who have a great deal of physical, as well as, emotional pain, and at times, many exercises will be difficult to get through.

Due to some patients having a reduced or limited ability to move, the PTA would need to physically lift and assist their patient to help them with their daily exercises. To be a physical therapy assistant can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding careers for healthcare professionals, helping others overcome their personal challenges.